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With so much going on in the world right now,
we can sometimes forget that there are
beautiful slices of life happening all around us
on any given day. But the steller community
notices them. You are capturing these
moments and then getting creative with them.
The best part is that you’ve chosen to share
them with all of us.

Here are some of those authors and their
stories you won’t want to miss this week.
Here’s a good reminder that sometimes it’s not the
architecture or landscapes we should be capturing.
Definitely take the time in New York to stop and, well,
see the flowers in this story.
New York
See why it’s okay to drive on by Utah’s more iconic
sights to seek out its hidden gems.
Take a walk around this author’s neighborhood with a
collection of scenes from sunny Beirut, Lebanon.
This is a story that proves everyday views can be
magical when you look at them with fresh eyes.
Faroe Islands
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