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Meet @katiecastle, our new Social Media
Manager! We thought we’d get her to pick the
featured authors this week... no pressure!

“It feels like a bit of a steller rite of passage to
be asked to choose the Featured Authors this
week! As always, there’s been no shortage of
inspiring stories popping up on the app that
make me want to grab my camera – or even
just my phone – and explore my surroundings
with a more creative outlook. I hope these
authors help instill the same impulse in you,

Check out these stories and give these
incredible authors some extra love this week!
Get some outdoor time in these incredible rolling
landscapes in Indonesia
Go south to explore the beaches of Florida in this
summer feeling story!
St. Augustine Beach
Experience the Indonesian outdoors under the setting
sun in this incredible story!
See the remake of @wulan_dewi_sunu’s first ever
Steller story. Full of sun, sea and smiles. It is summer
soon after all!
Explore more of Seattle and head to the coolest
neighborhood, Ballard. They’ve certainly been creative
during COVID!
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stories by these incredible storytellers.

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