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We are being spoiled with incredible stories in
steller right now, so we made @eliasgyllin
choose Featured Authors this week and we
loved what he had to say:

“As of recently, a lot of us have been struggling
to stay creative. I’ve been feeling limited and
these stories have not only inspired me to
create at the moment, but to dream of what to
create in the future. My selection of stories
showcases impactful imagery and storytelling
to help you stay creative through these difficult
A good reminder that we can still be creative
during unprecedented times.

Get inspired by these pics—from iconic structures
to nature’s beauty.

Yosemite National Park
Here’s why the Galapagos Islands is an
unforgettable experience.

Galapagos Islands
Let’s go on a virtual tour of the world’s most
beautiful places!

We love this artful collection of moments frozen in

Flatiron District
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