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“My days don’t have much structure during this
quarantined time, so when steller asked me to
choose some faves from this last week, I was
happy to do so AND appreciated the deadline.
😉 I loved seeing the pictures of people out in
the world doing what they love. Being
reminded right now of sunny afternoons on the
water, and visions of Ireland’s green hills put a
smile on my face. The power of photography
and the ability to see and remember all the
things we love provides us with a good
reminder to keep our heads up, smile, and to
know that summer sunshine and bustling
streets will fill our senses again soon. Hope
these stories brighten your day as they did
mine.” -@aconica

Thank you for choosing these incredible
authors this week, @aconica!
Andy says this is one of his favorite countries he’s
visited and we can see why!

Something about this story seems fishy, but we’re
all in!

This collection of street photography in Austria’s
capital is such a mood.

Routine walks reveal anything but ordinary images
in Lebanon’s capital.

Is there a country with more diverse scenery than
the Emerald Isle?

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