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Who’s up for a virtual sneak out?! This week,
we asked @autopsy to select Featured
Authors and we loved what she had to say:

While many of us confined ourselves to
homes, limiting the outside life, visual stories
of the outdoors could still virtually sneak us out
to admire the beauty of architecture and
nature. A little “extra” that I really enjoy while
looking at these stories is that they give me
"the eyes of the beholder” and immerse me
into someone’s vision. Here are the five stories
that I loved for their simple and yet
sophisticated poetry of light, mood and
It’s so easy to see why this photographer fell in
love with the Tuscan city of Lucca, a beautifully
preserved walled city.

This story takes the most magical parts of
summer and wraps them all in one delicious
package that we’re eating up!

Winding roads, tunnels, bridges, rocky
coastline, seaside villages...is there a dreamier
place for a road trip than the Faroe Islands?

The natural world is full of calming textures
and this story on the coast of Scotland shows
that in stunning black and white.

Head to the French Riviera for something a
little different… historic modern architecture
seamlessly blended with nature.

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