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We love how the steller community is helping
us keep travel in our hearts while we wait for
the world to reopen. This week, we asked
longtime steller author @coppernotes to
choose Featured Authors. Here’s what she had
to say:

“As our current worlds are feeling so much
smaller and our daily lives more isolated, I've
been finding inspiration in these stories of
adventures and landscapes and nature; stories
that are just uplifting me right now, and
reminding me to keep looking forward to better
days ahead, when we'll be able to get outside
and connect with nature again.” –
This walk between the villages Fiss and
Serfaus reveals a fairytale-esque winter
wonderland that’s giving us all the cozy feels.

Here’s a useful story for planning a trip to
Iceland. Find out the best time to go, places to
stay, what to eat, and where to… uh, make a
pit stop in the wild.

This story makes a case for a winter road trip
across the United States, and we are so on
board! Seriously, stop by and pick us up
because we’re coming with!

This is the story of an impromptu road trip
through the snowy fjords in the Faroe Islands
and all the sheep along the way. This is the
cute fluff we need right now!

Let’s take things off the beaten path. It’s a 5-6
hour (bumpy) ride to get to this beautiful lake
set high in the mountains of Ladakh. But it’s so
worth it!

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stories by these incredible storytellers.

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recently? Let us know in the comments!

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