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Settled deep in the Australian Outback
lies the mining town of
Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy supplies 95% of the world’s
commercial opal. Mining fields are dotted all
around the area & were first established in 1915,
however Aboriginal people have had a connection
with the area long before the miners arrived.
The town itself is equally as
remarkable as it’s hinterlands.
Because of the intense desert
temperatures, many residents live
underground, in caves bored into the
hillsides. There are underground
homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and
even churches.
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Take yourself 30kms from the town of
Coober Pedy and it looks like you’ve landed
on planet Mars. The Kanku-Breakaways
Conservation Park is an area of desert and
rusted orange hills and slopes that seem to
‘break away’ from higher ground.
The Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people
have a deep spiritual connection to this land.
Their connection to their Country is embedded
in the Kanku’s spectacular landscape and
scenery. Many features are the subject of
Dreaming stories that weave their way across
the landscape for thousands of kilometres.
And you can feel it. There is a spiritual air that
surrounds you as you observe the beautiful &
ancient land — once entirely covered by the sea
70 million years ago.

moonchild & the dreamscapes • @em_space

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