Crumbling buildings, peeling
paints, vintage cars, friendly
locals....this is Havana!
Some say time stands still here
While others say it’s a city you
have to visit once in your lifetime
It’s a city with so many colours
and layers of fabric
Wherever you go, you’re never too
far from the locals playing music
Whether it’s in a bar or on the
Music is their heart and soul!
The visit to the city won’t be
complete without a vintage car
Taking in the view of the city from
the back seat of a vintage car
Seeing the local life from a
different viewpoint
It’s certainly a different way to
experience the city!
Café El Escorial
Don’t forget to try a cup of local
And have a quiet moment to take
in the city
Plaza Vieja
While watching the world go by...
All these snippets of local life
remind me of why I travel! Thank
you Havana!

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