National Park
This was one of those “let’s go
hiking tomorrow and just figure
it out as we go” kind of trips!
Eifel is a fairly new park.
Only established since 2004.
We started in the cute village of Einruhr
Destination: Rurberg
Way over there!!
1 km
The trail winds along the river
Through the woods to this dam.
Staumauer Urftsee
At this point we decided to have
some beers and enjoy the view. It was
a beautiful sunny day and lots of
people were enjoying the patios.
In the distance you can see this
former Nazi Resort. Now a museum.
Ordensburg Vogelsang
This is our prime
berry picking spot!
13 km
16 km, 21,500 steps
I think we’ll take the ferry back!
Heimbach, Rurberg Schiffsanleger Obersee
See you next time,
Kyle & Matt
Now let’s go find a café!

Two expats living and working in Europe. And seeing and doing everything we can!

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