“I Walk In Peace”
A meditation by our dear friend
Soaring Eagle, a third-generation
Apache shaman.
I walk in peace.
Adversity melts away as I remember the
spiritual reality underlying all things.
I claim my right
to divine comfort, divine harmony.
I release all apparent discord into
the healing care of Creator,
Mother Nature,
trusting completely.
Divine calm centers my heart with
loving presence.
I relax.

Remembering that I am surrounded by
divine protection.

As I embrace my part in the larger whole,
that whole embraces me.
Sometimes we have to look beyond what
is facing us in the moment.
While things may look bleak,
look down the road and see the good.
Life leasons are learned through experiencing
them; sometimes they are good and
sometimes they are not so good.
But in the end, after the experience,
we can always find
that we have grown,
that we have learned,
and that there was some positive effect
from which we can derive
inner peace and love for ourselves and
for one another.
Breathe in love.

Exhale peace.

Be genuine. Stay curious. Go play.

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