Meeting a life long friend
If you’ve followed my stories for a while, you
know that i’m a sucker for roadtrips. So why
would my favourite trip be any different?
This is the story of how i met my best friend.
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After living in Madagascar, I flew to Australia to see the
east coast. On my way up from Melbourne, i Stopped in Byron
bay and met Mathilde.
She would end up becoming one of my closest friends. The
thing about these trips, is that they make you realise things
about yourself and the people around you. You start to
appreciate the people who give you energy and make you
dream bigger.
I had just moved out
of an apartment in
Melbourne, to live
in a van. So meeting
mathilde, meant i
had to rearrange my
plans. But i was so
excited to have a
travel buddy, that I
didn’t mind staying
in hostels and
living for the
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As we drove north from Byron Bay, we headed
to Airlie Beach. The lAnd based town, giving
access to the Whitsunday islands.
We booked a flight to fly over the Great
Barrier Reef. It was the experience of a
I hope you enjoyed this escape to
the vast landscapes of the
Australian east coast.


goes places, does stuff, takes pictures I also make things with my hands and like to dive with sharks and fishes.

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