earth day
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth
Day! The 2020 theme is climate action… isn’t
it interesting that by being inactive and staying
home, we’re actually helping the planet?

Now the air is clear enough to see the
Himalayas from northern India, the dolphins
have returned to Venice canals, and the bears
are taking back Yosemite.

Of course, our work will continue long after this
time. For now, let’s continue to stay home and
let Mother Nature thrive during this time.
Meanwhile, we can appreciate our planet with
some beautiful steller stories.

Today, we celebrate Earth’s...
powerful landscapes
Iceland by @berriestagram
incredible animals
Grand Teton by @anakne
magical moments
Earth Day 2017 by @marklandolo
A story about Trees by @coppernotes
calming forests
and living oceans.
Hawaii by @eliasgyllin
happy earth day
The World Turns by @fifty5one4

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