“The Smallest Town On Earth”
July 2020
Durbuy, Belgium 🇧🇪
This quaint little tourist town dubs itself as
the “Smallest Town on Earth.”  We had a blast
exploring the shops, eating and drinking the
day away. We took a train to the top of the
lookout for a view of the whole valley.
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Safety first + Sangria!
train to
the top!
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Anticline is the geological term for this
particular type of U-shaped rock formation. The
layers of this dome-shaped fold were formed by
layer upon layer of sea-sediments accumulating
during millions of years.
Topiary Park
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Awesome time!
Le 7 by Juliette
Some tips on Durbuy. It’s a tourist
town. Go early to find parking.
Otherwise you’ll park on the road into
town and walk. We learned the hard way.
For dinner make reservations early. The
few places fill up fast. English is
spoken easily. Feels very safe.
Everyone is friendly. It does get very
packed. We thought it was worth it.
Until next time -
Kyle & Matt

Two expats living and working in Europe. And seeing and doing everything we can!

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