Pearl of the Adriatic
The Trip
I’m fortunate that I’ve traveled in many different
ways - by myself, with friends, and with significant
others. This trip stands out because I was a last
minute edition. What was supposed to be a girls
trip turned into a couples trip. And not only that,
this ten day trip would be the first time I really met
this couple.

It was either we get along and have fun or the next
ten days would be really awkward.

Luckily our travel tastes lined up - good food, good
drinks, and a whole lot of wandering around.
Entering old town Dubrovnik meant crossing a
bridge and walking under the walls that guard the
ancient town. You leave a bustling city and transfer
over to a place that feels mystic.

The old town is a labyrinth of alley ways and walk
ways that turn into a maze. There’s always a new
area to explore, new shops to visit and places to eat.
Every turn is breathtaking. Also, no cars.
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The next day: Walking the walls
The city at your feet
Restaurant Panorama
See? Hiking is good.
My favorite time of day was when
the day tourists left, the cruise ships
pulled out of the harbor and you
were left with silence. It helped to
travel during the shoulder season to
avoid the huge crowds.
While we had some amazing seafood on this trip,
my favorite dining experience was Lady Pi-Pi.

This popular spot doesn’t take reservations, so you
wait. And wait. And smell the amazing food being
prepared on an open grill. And wait some more.

FINALLY it was our turn, but Lady Pi-Pi has a catch.
Since there’s no roof, if it rains your meal is
cancelled but you still have to pay. At 8:30 we
were seated, just as the first rain drops started to
fall. Luck was on our side however and we made it
through the meal. Three courses of Croatian
sausages, steaks and fish. You know what they say
- high risk, high reward.
See? It ended up
raining a lot
Also, this was the view from our AirBnB
So much to explore
Despite the potential for crowds I think I will
always recommend going to Dubrovnik (just
go during the shoulder seasons). It’s
amazing and like nothing I’ve ever seen. It
truly makes you feel like you’re in a different

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