Pramuka island
5.30 am, 5 July 2020
In the new normal of Jakarta
we drove our car to Marina Beach jetty
to sail to Pramuka island.

Let #seewhatisee in the underwater of
Pramuka island.
There will be nice story,
but be prepare also to read sad story 🙏
Bye Jakarta
We dived until 18 m
below the sea level.
The visibility
was bad 😢.
We captured some pictures even
the visibility
was not good enough.

To make it clear for our post in social media,
I edited the pictures that will be seen
in the next pages.

I am quite happy to shoot few object
of Pramuka’s underwater,
even I was ill-feel comparing it
to the underwater in Eastern Indonesia
that is heavenly for dive 😞.
Let’s dive again.
As I guess before
I saw the early step of
here in Pramuka island 😢.
Coral bleaching happens when corals
lose their vibrant colors and turn white.

The leading cause of coral bleaching
is rising water temperatures.

I can imagine it because
it’s too close to Jakarta and
that day the surface’s temperature was
30 degree Celsius.

It’s too hot for the poor corals 😔😢
It’s turning
to white
Time to go home.
It was one day trip only.

Mix feeling between satisfied of diving +
worry about the fact of the coral bleaching.......
What can we do to stop the coral bleaching?

Psychologist who loves a meaningful life. Special for quotes I posted in @quotes_by_jw.

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