Learning to trust my
Apa kabar?
(How are you?)

This time I want to share about
a life lesson of diving.

Let’s go to dive with me in Malalayang
Manado, Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

Let’s find a meaning of

Malalayang is a diving spot in the city.
It’s only 10 minutes from the city.
We don’t have to go far to the ocean.

Come, let’s dive with me.

Pantai Malalayang
, ,
We are not allowed to dive
The Standard Operation Procedure in diving
strictly ordered us to dive with a

He/she is person who accompany diver along
the diving, who is ready to help each other if
something happens along the diving.
our live depend on our buddy
We came to Manado to dive but also to test ourself.
Do I still trust my partner?

Diving is a high risk sport. We can say that
Under the water, if the air in our tank is gone,
the buddy is

who can help us.
the only person
Basically honestly,
sometimes I like to dive            
like this trumpetfish
But in fact life is full with the word
So I learn from these cute fishes about
Actually at that time we were
on the bottom of our
relationship in real life.
We dived together to
Then at the end we believe deeply that:

(Quotes by JW)
Two is better than one. We is better than I
We are ok now👌.

Learned to be a buddy who will save each other.
Terima kasih, thanks for reading our story.
See you on the next stories.

Photos & videos are courtesy of Sunu fam
Malalayang is full with artificial coral reef.

An artificial reef is a human made
structure that is built with
the specific aim of promoting
the marine life of an area.

The first time that artificial reefs
were built for the purposes of ecology
is believed to have been in 17th century
Japan when rocks and rubble
were used to grow kelp and
hence increase fish yields.

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