Can I take you out for
Loggia Valmarana
A few days ago I went back
to Vicenza after a long
I found it prettier than usual
Palladian Basilica
Maybe because due to Coronavirus cafes are
allowed to set more tables outdoor...
... or because I
missed it?
We stopped here for an aperitif because Luca
loves their focacce (I also do)
La Meneghina
Porchetta and caramelized onion
Piazzetta Palladio
Then we thought... why not a pizza
in Piazza Palladio?
Angolo Palladio
onion, shrimps
and turmeric
Smoked burrata and
snowflake ham
Anyway, pizzas are really good and the
location is one of the best... in Italy?

So I don’t mind paying more for a pizza
from time to time.
Pizzas here are a bit more expensive than in other
pizzerias (I’ve just seen their online menu and we
actually paid 2 euro more per pizza, is their
online menu old or are they just taking advantage
of the covid to raise their prices like other
places are doing? Mine was 15 euro).
After all this food we went for a walk to
digest a bit
Piazza delle Erbe
Vicenza is just 40 minutes from
where I live, I must go more
Corso Andrea Palladio
Will I see you here one day?

❤️ travel, photography and my cats From Vicenza, Italy Ig: @tiakatty

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