Plantation Road
Plantation County of Louisiana's
Great River Road
Many of Louisiana's plantations
remain intact, and are
meticulously maintained and
furnished with beautiful period
pieces. You can spend your day
touring and even stay overnight
at many of the properties.
Just 20 miles outside of New
Orleans, Destrehan Plantation
dates back to 1787 and is the
oldest plantation in the Lower
Mississippi Valley.
The outdoor kitchen is home to
open hearth cooking and candle
making demonstrations.
Over 200 slaves were on
Destrehan Plantation. They built
their own shelter; their houses
had dirt floors and were arranged
into camps. Slaves worked from
sunrise to 3:00pm.
The Education Center houses the
1811 Slave Revolt Exhibit.
Documented as one of the largest
slave revolts in U.S. history. Three
trials took place, one at Destrehan
Plantation where Jean Noel
Destrehan served as a judge for
the revolt.
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