Zuid Holland
Delft is a glorious little
place situated between the
bigger cities of The Hague
and Rotterdam, in The

It is a popular stopover for
many tourists to this region
of Zuid Holland. Delft is
famed for its beautiful
pottery, historic buildings
and friendly atmosphere.
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I cycle through Delft twice
a day on my cycle
commute to work, yet
never really stop.

So it is on days like this that
it is good to go back and
enjoy all that it has to offer.
I love nothing more than
wandering around on foot
and finding hidden places
along its intricate network
of cobbled streets.

Around each corner, there
is something worth
experiencing. It is a great
place to be.
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Delft has a great deal of
history to discover and
many fine buildings,
museums and churches to
admire. You can do it
yourself or follow one of
the many guided tours.
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You can easily wander the
small city area on foot, by
bike or take a boat ride
along the network of
splendid waterways.

It is like a little Amsterdam!
With many lovely places to
shop, eat, drink. It makes
for the perfect place to
relax with family and

It has many cafes,
restaurants and
entertainment, for all to
enjoy. Pretty much
everything you would need
for a great visit.
Thanks for passing by and
viewing this Steller Story.

All images were taken on
my Smartphone.

Delft is a great little city
and if you get the chance, it
is well worth a visit.

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