Dark Sky
South Australia
The first inhabitants of the Mid
Murray District were the
Ngangurkau, Ngaiawang and
Ngarkat people. The Ngaut
Ngaut Conservation Park
connects these communities
and the stars are an integral
part to their traditions
Ngaut Ngaut
Ancient tree Dancing in the starlight
The mid Murray region is accredited by
the International Dark-Sky Association
as a dark sky reserve. This reserve is the
first of its kind in Australia and only the
16th in the world.
Magnellenic Clouds and the Summer Milkyway
Mount Pleasant
The Dark Sky reserve is located 100
km from Adelaide. The centre of the
reserve is in Swan Reach
Conservation Park which contains
2000 hectares of Mallee bushland.
Swan Reach Conservation Park
Milkyway galaxy above the River Murray
Big Bend
An International Dark Sky Reserve consists of a
dark ‘core’ zone surrounded by a populated
buffer zone where policy controls are used to
protect the darkness of the core from light
Remains of old carriage in farm land  
The Bortle scale is a nine-level numeric
scale that measures the night sky's
brightness of a particular location. The
reserve is 1 on the bortal scale.
Cacti reaching for the galaxy
Tap to see how light pollution
from cities can effect our
views of the night sky.
It is so important to preserve our
night skies from light pollution
because it endangers ecosystems
by harming those animals whose
life cycles depend on the dark.
Remnants of an old windmill
Minimising our use of
unnecessary outdoor
lighting can help preserve
our beautiful night skies
and also limit our energy
Our ancestors have
always learnt, taught
and connected with a
night sky free of light
pollution. It is so
important to continue
to connect with the the
night sky that inspired
science, religion,
philosophy, art and
literature now and in
the future.
Road leading to the Dark Sky Reserve
Swan Reach
Look up and reconnect
In Australia’s very own
Dark Sky Reserve

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