August 1st,
Twenty years from now you will
be more disappointed by the
things that you didn't do than by
the ones you did do. So throw
off the bowlines. Sail away from
the safe harbor. Catch the trade
winds in your sails. Explore.
Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain
It’s happening, folks - this
is not a drill! We’ve been
slowly but frantically
packing away our lives into
the garage, as we are
officially moving into the
van full time (whom we’ve
affectionately dubbed
“Brown Betty”!) on August
1st! For those that have
been asking, we’ve rented
out the house for a year
and will be traveling during
that time. Where, you
might ask?

With COVID being a very
real hinderance to our
Central/South America
plans, we are flying by the
seat of our pants with no
real plans in place. Some
potential stops on our list
are (in no particular order):

Grand Canyon
Joshua Tree
Zion National Park
Mt. Shasta
Montana (round two!)
Nine Mile Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Luckily with nature, we’ll
be able to socially distance
ourselves easily! Are there
more places we should
visit? Comment and let us
Here’s a few places Betty
has taken us so far:
Since our Montana trip, we
have been feverishly
working away on updating
Betty and getting her ready
for the trip! Keep scrolling
to see some of the cosmetic
changes we’ve made! (Not
pictured is the immense
amount of work that Matt
has been doing on finding
and installing an auxiliary
battery, shower, a
creating odds and ends like
a shower mat that also
functions as a table, and
getting the house prepped
for our departure!)
The world is
a book and
those who do
not travel
read only one
Saint Augustine
After a lot (seriously, a lot!) of
priming, painting, and panicking
that I was going to ruin something,
the cabinets are painted and the
flooring is in!
Final Countdown
x Matt and Jena
We could use all the advice
we can get as we embark on
this new adventure, so
please leave a comment if
you’ve got advice on:
- living in a van
- tips to peacefully
cohabitate with your
partner while living in a
- lists of absolute
necessities that we might
not think of
- places we HAVE to visit
- traveling with pets (with
no AC!)
- ways to find free camping
spots (not Walmart parking
lot style ones!)
- any other words of

Until next time, friends!

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