For those of you that don’t
know  me my name is
Adria and I am an
iPhonographer.  I spend
about 3-4 months a year in
Cuba, and I can safely say
that Havana has become
my muse. This selection of
images are all from the
roll. Translated - they are
all currently on my phone
and were taken during my
last two trips to Cuba. I
hope they give you a
glimpse as to what I love
about Cuba.
Of the many things I
love about Havana the
people have got to be
close to the top.
Kind hearted, warm,
welcoming, and happy to
be in front of the camera
make the streets a true

Cuban men have a sense
of machismo that I can
never get enough of.

and yes ....that’s his
Mommas name tattooed
on his back. In Cuba
family is everything.
Life in Havana is slow and
simple. Most of the day is
spent on the streets and you
feel like you have stepped
back in time.

The young man is buying a
single stick of gum in this
next shot, and don’t miss the
dog on the balcony with the
laundry in the following.
No one ever said life in Cuba
was easy, but I can promise
you, you  won’t come across
nicer happier people.

I will be taking a group of six to
Havana this coming fall and in the
winter of 2021. Here is the link to
my website if you’re interested in
joining me.

I take small groups of people on photography excursions. I’ll be hosting 4 trips to Cuba and one trip to India this year.

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