Cruising the Bayou
teche byway
First stop: Bali!
Just kidding, this is:
Rip Van Winkle Gardens
They still have amazing waves
though! Ranger Rick even got
Beautiful gardens and grounds!
There’s a cool old house here that
I believe belonged
guessed it: Rip Van Winkle.
, ,
We had the whole place to
ourselves so obviously had to take
the 360° cam for a rip!
Was able to get another shot
when the lights came back on
Some pretty cool classic planes!
Morgan City
Our next stop was just 10 minutes
away to see a light house on the
bank of the Atchafalaya river.
The river bank has massive flood walls and gates and
everything nearby is on stilts, presumably because the
river floods frequently.
Southwest Reef Lighthouse
Here she is in all her glory!

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