Community Faves
Every week, we share some
#communityfaves and, this week, we
asked Steller Ambassador @jojotastic
to choose them for us! Here’s what she
had to say about her choices:

“After two consecutive summers spent
traveling through Italy, my soul yearns
to experience the vibrant culture,
devour the amazing food, and take in
the majestic views this year. It's been
so amazing to bask in the beauty of
Italy through these stories even if I
can't be there this year... now if only
Steller could pipe in the smells of
jasmine to complete the experience!” –
Need some sunshiney vibes? This
story has it in spades.
Think colorful facades, charming
canals, and the smell of jasmine
in the air.
Is this the perfect place to watch
a sunset or what?!
Here’s pretty much how to have a
perfect day in Florence!
Head up into Italy’s mountains for
some stunning views!
We hope you enjoyed this
week’s Featured Stories.

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Curator: @jojotastic_  ☜

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