CMH Heli
Bugaboos Lodge
When fellow @Steller user @PowderMatt
invited me to join him on a heli-hiking trip
to the Bugaboos in Canada with CMH Heli I
didn’t hesitate. I new it was going to be
epic! I wasn’t wrong...
CMH Bugaboos Helipad
They pick you up...
You go for a ride...
They drop you off...
To hike through the mountains...
Past the flowers...
Through the smoke...  
To the lake...
And yes it’s really fun!
We also did a little climbing...
The CMH Heli team and the heli-hiking
experience in the “Bugs” were simple
first class, even when the smoke tried
to ruin the views the team did
everything they could to give us an
incredible experience.

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