Katski  Pillar
Chiatura, Georgia

Katski is a stairway to heaven, located near
Chiatura, (13,4 km). This is the symbol of this
region, as too many people get there to this
natural masterpiece- kind of a wonder-place.
Here lives a monk, Maxime, who is just 59
years old. He decided to make a change in his
life, after a stint in prison, and so, after
setting free, he gets there and lives alone.
This is a place, where one can really feel how
close the God is, the monk himself said, that it
is up here in the silence, that one can feel
God’s presence. Unfortunately, my sound
masculine, but women are not allowed to get
there. It is approximately 40 meters high.
There was a time, when Katski was a kind of
worshiping place, especially for pagan
reasons. Later, it was a shelter for Christians,
who wanted to avoid earthly sins and
temptations. Now, on some rocks of Katskhi
Pillar you can do some climbing and
mountaineering, if you have ropes and
necessary equipment. There is 131 ft ladder,
and it takes about 20 minutes to get down
from here. The views are wonderful here, it’s
picturesquace when you see how the land
meets the sky.

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