Il Giardino
Stop-not-to-miss when in
Tuscany 🤩
Daniel Spoerri
Being Daniel Spoerri one of my
main inspirations in my practice,
one of my favourite stops in
Tuscany is for sure Il Giardino di
Daniel Spoerri. Situated 60 km
south of Siena, it covers a surface of
16 hectares enriched in sculptures
and installations by Daniel Spoerri
himself and more than other 50
artists who have been fundamental
in his life and in his work like
Arman, Alfonso Hüppi, Johann
Wolfgang V. Goethe, Dani Karavan,
Meret Hopenheim, Aldo Mondino,
André Thomkins and many more.
Here you come across a Tuscany not
as you know it from the photos in
the calendar or in a postcard. Also
called “Paradise”, this place is a
lush and enchanted landscape that
hides mysterious and unexpected
encounters with artistic signs now
camouflaged, now trying to impose
themselves on nature ending up the
largest work of Daniel Spoerri’s
entire life.

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