April 2020
C H E E R I N G    U P   F L U F F
Lambing season is upon us. But hey quick
disclaimer, no lambs in this story. We are
supposed to stay inside, remember?
Instead I will share some of my newest
fluffy friends with you.
These guys keep me sane and put a smile on
my face. Hope you enjoy them too!
Driving back from a hike on Kalsoy, we
came upon a very curious-looking herd of
sheep. They were covered in pink and
orange. They had just been herded up and
given their medication. The children of
the village got to mark the sheep that
were finished. This led to some
appropriately easter looking sheep.
I hope these fluff boys brought a
little sunshine to your day.

Let me know which one of them is your

#sheep #faroeislands #explore

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