Another hidden gem in Albania is Gjipë
Beach. You can either hike there or hire
a boat. There is no other way to access
that beach which makes it even more
special and remote.
Make sure to check out the caves on
your way there! This is the Pirate Cave.
You could miss it if you would not know
it's there.
Shpella e Pirateve
..but there is an even bigger cave ahead!
The Piggeon Cave looks like out of a
dream. The water is crystal clear and
there is even a small beach next to it
which is only accessible by boat.
Shpella e Pëllumbasit
Gjipë is a beach you can easily spend a
day to just relax. Since it is more remote
that other beaches and not as easy to get
to, there is also less people! The silence
and peace is interrupted only by
crushing waves and salty winds.
Gjipe Beach
In the back of the beach are the
mountains. Typical for Dhërmi and
Vlorë are the franing mountains which
are great for hiking! But make sure to
pack accordingly. Rainfall can be pretty
heavy over here!
Canyon of Gjipe
Gjipë also offers an Eco Camping
Ground. If you manage to arrive by boat
or hike, you can spend a few nights
under the clear sky full of stars.
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