Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
march 2019
First of all- yes, this is
nearly one year late . . .
I guess that’s what
happens when you decide to
pack a couple suitcases,
leave your country, and
travel abroad solo for
nine months straight. I
got behind on things- I
left reality behind for a
while. But that’s what you
need to do sometimes, and
I thoroughly enjoyed
living in the moment as my
trips came and went. BUT I
am back, with many travels
and adventures to show to
you all- so stick around!
So let’s backtrack to
March of 2019 . . . I had
recently gotten back from
my solo trip to Italy/
Switzerland, and my
parents decided to fly my
family to Mexico for a

There is nothing better
than spending time with
family, especially in the
sunshine and ocean
breeze . . .
Mexican sunsets are on a whole other level.
fresh mexican food 👌🏼
wave after wave . . .
again, these sunsets!
one final swim on our last night . . .
. . . and back to the u.s.
My first time in Mexico
was beautiful and
memorable. Can’t recommend
it enough!

Thank you for viewing!

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