by : SMA
A place I want to visit is Naejangsan National
Park. This park located at North Jeolla, Seoul,
South Korea. I knew this place because I have
seen Amelicano's Youtube Channel
Naejangsan National Park
Naejangsan is one of the most beautiful mountains in
South Korea. The scenery is awesome in autumn. The
tree leaves turn to yellow, orange, and red. Bright
colors can make anyone feel fresh and of course the
weather is also cool.
When you arrived in Naejangsan, the first thing
that can ejoyed is maple tree tunnel. Maple
trees lined the side of the road as if forming
a tunnel. It's perfect for walking to Mount
Naejang . The track is quite easy, mostly are
stairs with ground lines.
Beside mountain there also Naejang
Temple. The trees and floor were coated
with leaves, on there was a pond with statue
spurting out water. In temple full of Korean
decoration, on the wall there is hangul

Not only that, Uhwaejong Pavilion is very artistic.
Various flowers, trees, and foliage surrounding the
pavilion created a view that looks like a painting.
The water was so clear that we can see fish
The last destination in Naejangsan is the
market. The smeels is good. You can find
several restaurants, street foods, and
vendor selling vegetable, chesnut, and
various trinkets.
Naejangsan's Food
I’ll make sure when I go there later, I will
take lots of photo. Because Naejangsan is
the perfect place to enjoy the natural
scenery. :)

Siti Mazuroh A.

I'm here :)

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