in the northeast of
south korea
the place I want to visit is Busan. this place
is located in northeast of South Korea.
the city has many beaches, is rich in sea
products, and offers a sight that spoil the
eyes. Busan is also a lively city with a busy
business center and lively traditional
If you arrive in Busan as a tourist
destination when visiting South Korea,
don't forget to visit the following
Gamcheon Cultural Village. this place is a
view of houses that coincide with one
another. this place was renovated into an art
and cultural tourism area. Each house is
colored, and the village is given a new
name, Gamcheon Cultural Village.
Marine City is a mini city built on
reclaimed land. Marine City is often
referred to as Hong Kong's South
Korea because it offers views of
skyscrapers, lively city lights at night,
and nighttime entertainment areas
that never sleep.
Taejongdae Park This park offers views of
shady little forest, to the beach with strong
waves and decorated with beautiful natural
rock formations.
Sea Life Busan Aquarium, when you head to
Busan you can see various types of marine animals
precisely 250 species of sea animals through thick
glass walls. What's interesting here is that visitors
can join in feeding various animals such as beavers,
dolphins, or penguins.
the last destination in Jagalchi Market is a variety of
typical Busan snacks. when you visit Busan you can
try the hotteok, milmyeon or Busan cold noodles,
pajeon dongnae which is salted pancakes filled
with seafood and leeks, to eomuk which is fish cake
enjoyed with warm broth. Seafood fans will also be
entertained because in this market fresh seafood is
When I go to Busan later, I will take a lot of
photos at Gamcheon Culture Village
because there is a very unique place. and I
will eat fresh seafood in Busan.
Diana Fitri
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