Me and my classmates went on a trip to
Budapest in December 2019.  
We were there for 3 days.
We visited many churches and
cathedrals. For example, the Temple of
Matthias, which you can see in the
Every day we had a full of program  and
that's why we always didn't go back to
the hostel until late in the evening.
Here you can see the
view from our room, to
the so-called Octagon.
Every night we would
visit Christmas
markets that were all
over Budapest. I liked
these markets very
We could have visited the Russian bike
as well, but because I'm afraid of heights,
I didn't dare go to it.
On the last day we visited
perhaps the most famous square
in Budapest. That's called
Heroes Square.
And by all known
Orszaghaz, or parliament.

Marie Anna
I think the ages of us have
enjoyed the trip and I'm
looking forward to going to
one again .

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