Last summer me and my family decided
to visit Italy, we started in Milan and
then went slowly down ending up in
Although i have great memories on
visiting Italy nothing stands out as much
as our time in Naples.
We spent 3 days in Naples, first day we
decided to settel and then Explore
Naples at night.It was gorgeous all the
lights shining and people celebrating
made me feel like i was part of it.
Our next day we went hiking on volcano
Vesuv, i knew it was still active so i was
very nervous, i kept thinking about how
i could outrun lava but finally when we
were on top of it i realized how beautiful
it was and my fear was suddenly gone.
Our last day we went on what we
thought was peaceful boat trip to Capri.
We sailed away in a little boat and we
were slowly getting away from any land
to the point when there was just us and
the sea around us.
When we arrived to the island i decided to
swim around and explore the island, I found
a cave under water, I took my diving suit
and I started exploring the cave I loved it, I
even found some white crystals, after 2
hours we decided to go due to bad weather.
We were not prepared for any of this,
just like that out of nowhere we were in
the middle of sea without any land
around us and with huge storm. Waves
wre crushing to us from all sides and
some waves were even bigger than the
I was convinced that this was my last
day, i was wet,cold and scared, I felt like
it took eternity to sail to port, i closed
my eyes and prayed that everything will
be okay somehow we made to the port.
This experience will be with us for a
very long time.
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