Black Butte Ranch
Black Butte Ranch has over 18
miles of biking paths.  
Biking Black Butte Ranch
Black Butte Ranch is located in Deschutes
county, central Oregon.  The ranch is a great
spot for a family vacation.  Bike riding, tennis,
golf, swimming, and pickleball all located on the
ranch.  The surrounding area is full of hiking,
mountain biking, fishing and all of the outdoor
activity you could ask for.
This wooden bridge has always
been magical to me since I was a
little kid.  It never gets old riding
Paulina Pool
There is a beautiful spring along
the path.  It’s a great place to stop
and take a rest.
Riding through the meadow you
never know what you will
encounter.  This horse needed to
Black Butte Ranch - Lakeside Bistro
The lodge pool is a great
destination.  Take a swim in the
pool, grab food at the bistro, and

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