B I G  H O R N
Me and @petebryant traveled to Billings,
Montana.... and wow it’s another world. We
met up with Dan Austin, his wife Carol and
his son, the famous @andyaustinphoto!
So long story short, we were at an event
(after sitting by this cosy fire) and I
mentioned I wanted to see something
extreme. This was my one chance.

Dan sparked up and told us to be at his
house for 5am. If it’s epic we wanted to see,
he’d deliver!
*This story is better with the sound on
So we arrived at his house at 5am and hit
the road. The smell of fresh coffee filled
the car and it was a warm welcome... I’d
gone to sleep at 3am that night so I was
running on empty!
The road was long and as the sun slowly
came up I began to get more excited. The
views started to get more and more epic
and it’s at this point I started to take
photographs like crazy!
You ready for what I saw
when I arrived?
“Take a minute and chill. Once
you get all your pictures taken,
put your camera away and just
suck it in”
Dan Austin - Austin Adventures
Horseshoe Bend

It was incredible and a real moment to
just put down the camera and take it all
in. No photos, no videos, no additional
noises. Just the silence of the land
around us.

This was what I meant by epic! Click the
map to see exactly how to get here! It’s a
straight road drive with no issues and a
big car park near.

So we had to rush back to get to our
event and to see @andyaustinphoto
give his presentation (which he killed).
If it wasn’t for that, I’d have wanted to
stay for hours... but also I only have a
16GB memory card with me!
So we headed back!

Thanks to Dan Austin (part of
@austinadventures) for this. This dude
is such a nice guy and I hope to meet
him again. His excitement and
knowledge is something I’d always
want with me when I travel.

Oh and his time management skills,
there’s no one better at that! He said
we’d be back at 10:15am and we
weren’t a minute later!

Steller’s Director of community. Also full-time, professional Red Bull drinker. 🤘🏻

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