Best of Berlin
The East Side Gallery is an
open-air gallery in Berlin.
It consists of a series of
murals painted directly on
a 1,316 m long remnant of
the Berlin Wall, located
near the centre of Berlin,
East Side Gallery
The Memorial to the
Murdered Jews of Europe,
also known as the Holocaust
Memorial, is a memorial in
Berlin to the Jewish victims
of the Holocaust, designed by
architect Peter Eisenman and
engineer Buro Happold.
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Brandenburger Tor
Berlin's most famous
historic landmark is the
Brandenburg Gate
(Brandenburger Tor), once
a symbol of a divided
nation and now a symbol
of unity and peace.
The Reichstag was originally
completed in 1894 where the
Neo-Renaissance palace
served as the home of the
German Empire's Imperial
Diet until it burned in 1933.
In 1999 it became home to
the German Parliament.
Checkpoint Charlie marks the
best-known crossing point
between East and West Berlin.
Checkpoint Charlie
AKA The Berlin TV Tower was
constructed between 1965 and
1969 by the government East
Germany. It was intended to be
both a symbol of Communist
power and of the city.
Berliner Fernsehturm

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