Winter in the capital:
The Brandenburg Gate is the the city’s
most iconic landmark. My first stop in
the city & even more beautiful
surrounded by snow!
Brandenburg Gate
A Stroll from Brandenburg Gate to the
snow covered Platz der Republik.
The famous square located in the
Tiergarten & directly in front of the
Reichstag building. Perfectly
Reichstag Building
Next stop: Berliner Dom aka Berlin Cathedral. A
great place to chill and enjoy the views of the
gorgeous architecture & Fernsehturm Berlin
(English: Berlin Television Tower)
Berliner Dom
Ride the U- Bahn metro line.
Recognized for its yellow
colored trains, you can take a
ride over the  famous double
decker  Oberbaum Bridge.
Visit the historic Berlin Wall.
Once a guarded concrete barrier
that physically and ideologically
divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989
is now a place of art, peace &
DIE MAUER | THE WALL - Das Museum am Leipziger Platz
You need to check out the street art
scene in Berlin as it’s a HUGE part of
the city’s culture. Most locations
that have famous street art are
attached to cool local eateries,
festivals and art galleries.
The best way to get about Berlin
is with metro as transport is
very efficient in Germany. Make
sure to visit & pay respect to the
memory of those lost in the
holocaust at
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Explore the city at night!
It’s very cold but when
snow falls at local
monuments it’s magical!

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