FALL 2019
This is park Heysel, in Bruxelles.
It's a beautiful place full of trees,
fountains and animals. Many
people go there to have some fun
or to exercise.
This is Atomium, a  monument in the
center of park Heysel, in Bruxelles. It was
built in 1958 for Expo. It's 102 meters
high, and it rappresents 9 atoms of a
iron crystal.
Here we have the parliament of Bruxelles
(the other two are in Strasburg and in
Luxembourg). In Parlamentarium  visitors
can learn about Parliaments. In Hemycicle
people can visit the parliament and
sometimes listen to a planetary session.
Manneken Pis, is the most iconic symble
of Bruxelles. It's situated in the historic
city center. It's very funny! Sometimes
people dress it whit some funny and
strange dresses.
I like this photo.. it's very cool! In
Belgium streets are full of beauty places
and romantic parks.
This lovely house is situated in Bruges, a
small village of Belgium. This city is full
of small rivers and and vegetation.
Another elegant house in Bruges, near a
Doors and windows are litterally above
the river.
In Bruxelles chocolate is really
famous and good! This chocolate shop is
called Mathilde! I hope I can go in
Belgium again. Bye!
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