b a m b u r g h
It was a rainy Friday in mid-February, a
rainy day after a week of rain, but we
had the day off (it was my birthday) and
we wanted to do something special.
‘Something special’ for us means going
for a big nature walk with the lads,
which we do anyway, every weekend (or at
least we did in those pre-isolation
days), but when we want a different walk,
something that will feel like more of an
adventure, we’d usually head north to
Tentsmuir in Fife, or perhaps to Faskally
Woods in Perthshire. But on this day, the
forecast was looking better to the south,
so we drove down the east coast to
Northumberland, looking for a break in
the weather.
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Our first plan was to drive to Holy
Island, as the tidal times would
have given us a few hours there, but
it had clearly been raining heavily
and it started again just as we
arrived. So we drove back across the
causeway and decided to head a
little further south, to Bamburgh.
Bamburgh beach is one of our favourite
places to walk. Indeed this is part one
of two stories about this walk as we
also came here for Richard’s birthday
last year. There’s no denying the drama
of this location, with Bamburgh Castle
standing high above the beach. But
also, the beach itself is stunning. It
feels endless, with pristine sand. We
usually just keep walking until we
reach a point where it feels time to
turn back. On this chilly February day,
that point was the rocks you’ll see in
the photos ahead.
Bracken, having an unexpected dip.
I’d meant to share this story a few
weeks ago, just before the world
changed. But now, when I look at these
videos and photos, I feel so grateful.
I clearly remember the feeling of
freedom we had here. This next video of
Harris running along the beach - that
feeling of just being happy and at
peace. So now, as I’m sharing this story
in this time of isolation, I’m looking
forward to the days ahead when we can
all have this feeling of freedom again.
Every beach we walk on has a
different character, and that is
also about the rocks. Here, the
rocks range from grey through to
almost black, and the colour is
provided by the golden lichen and
vibrant green seaweed.
F E B R U A R Y   1 4   2 0 2 0
Bamburgh, Northumberland

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