A Family diving story
Bali Diving
In September 2019 our son (who is studying in
Japan) went home for a holiday. It was a very
touching moment for me because for the first
time we dived together as a family 😍.

Not like us who are certified as divers by PADI,
my son have no diving license yet, so for safety
reason we chose “discover scuba diving” for him
(a master dive guided him specially &
max deep is only 10 meters).

Come, let’s “dive” with us in Steller 😊
For 2 days we dived in 2 spots in
Eastern Bali: Tulamben & Padang Bai
Padang Bai
There are some great spots for in Bali. But for beginners
I suggest to dive in Padang Bai & Tulamben.

Check TRAVEL PADI first if you have no reference
to dive in Bali.
“Family is a soul of life & a reason to live”
Tulamben US Liberty Wreck Ship
Tulamben, Bali
Our major destination is Tulamben, Eastern Bali.

We used shore technique to enter the water,
without boat.
We entered the water by walking from the beach.
And it’s very hard to face the waves 😭
But after we dived, we were enjoy to explore the
underwater habitat of Bali.

Bali is not only has great culture & beaches.

If you visit Bali, please try to dive & explore the
underwater of Bali.
My son was really enjoy his first diving
even he was afraid at the first time.
He was excited after
he saw a baby shark on the water 🤭
Our son, a gentle giant 🥰
Our daughter, a tough girl 🥰
Never imagine before that I can see
both of them, my lovely children,
together under the water
Love you so much, Avanti & Bima 🥰
The hot daddy was busy to record
The mother was busy to take a pose
Now let’s dive to the bottom of Tulamben to explore
US Liberty Wreck Ship with us.

This wreck ship is a magnet for divers to be explored.

Blup, blup, blup......,,
The wreck lies in shallow water and is
considered appropriate for divers of all
certification levels. The ship rests in 30
metres of water, is roughly 25 metres from
shore and can be reached with a short
swim from the beach.

The ship was torpedoed by the Japanese
off the nearby Island of Lombok in 1942
and the ship was towed to the beach at
Tulamben for salvage operations.

The 1963 eruption of Mt. Agung, which
devastated much of the eastern side of
Bali, drove the ship into the water just off
shore, where it became encrusted with
coral and a home to other sea life.

US Liberty Wreck Ship
My daughter was excited to explore the wreck
My son was happy “playing” around the wreck
A turtle on the wreck 😍
Look what we found.....!
Coral Garden
Tulamben also has coral garden statue.
A unique Bali underwater garden.
Keramba LA
We also dived in Tanjung Jepun / Keramba LA
(Padang Bai).
We used a boat to dive around this area.

Tanjung Jepun is fit for the beginner, for warming
up before we dive in other challenging spots.
Padang Bai, Bali
You dive very calm, sweetie
You dive
like a fish,
Our son was quick to learn diving.
That was the first time for him to dive and
he did it smoothly 👏

Actually he is a little bit Acrophobia
(afraid of high)
but he proved to manage it under the water.
Now it’s time to leave the wreck.
Time to say good bye to Bali.
See you again Bali and Tulamben
Thanks for “dive” with us in Bali 😁

Photos & videos by Sunu fam
It’s time for us to take a rest, because
we are very tired after diving........ 😴 💤
Miss you so much, son.
May God bless you there in Japan.
Be strong, be safe.
See you soon after this pandemic passes.
Aamiin YRA 🙏

Psychologist who loves a meaningful life. Special for quotes I posted in @quotes_by_jw.

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