Matt & Kyle Adventures
Baden Baden
Baden Baden is an active, upscale and
thriving city. We loved the Allee green
space right outside our hotel. Newton
really enjoyed it too.
Lichtentaler Allee
Since summer 2014, Baden-Baden has been
on the tentative list of UNESCO under the
title "Great Spas of Europe" together with ten
other European spa towns. With the
submission of the UNESCO World Heritage
nomination “Great Spas of Europe” in January
2019 at the world heritage centre in Paris an
important project of the city of Baden-Baden
has entered a decisive phase. The decision
regarding the inscription of the proposed
nomination is expected at the 44th session of
the World Heritage Committee Session in
June/July 2020.

We were unable to try the baths here due to
the health restrictions due to COVID 19.
Our hotel was located right on the
downtown park and had a beautiful
patio for two with a Black Forest view.
Atlantic Parkhotel Baden Baden
Room with a view
City Stroll
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x Kyle
We used Baden Baden as
our resting place for our
Black Forest adventures. I
would love to spend more
time here and see the
galleries and Casino. We
didn’t know it was going to
be so lovely.

Two expats living and working in Europe. And seeing and doing everything we can!

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