In Search of Alligators....
McGee's Louisiana Swamp & Airboat Tours
Louisiana is the home to
over 2 million American
alligators, more than any
other state in America.

One of the best ways to see
these incredible animals in
their natural habitat is on
an airboat tour in the
Atchafalaya Basin.

Rick Johnston serves as an
airboat tour guide for
@mcgeesswamptours near
Henderson, Louisiana.

He has developed a
relationship with the
alligators, so that they’ll
approach his #airboat
when they hear the sound
of the motor.
After a splash of the hand
in the water and a call of
their name to confirm to
them that everything is
safe, it usually only takes a
few minutes before the
alligators approach the side
of the boat.
The apex predator in the
Atchafalaya Basin,
Alligators can have up to
80 teeth and typically feed
on fish, turtles, and birds.

In the wild, female
alligators grow to
approximately 9 feet
whereas male gators can
grow up to 14 feet!
Once an endangered
species, the resurgence of
alligators is one of the great
conservation success

Seeing baby alligators is a
real treat!
Spending quality time with
alligators during an airboat
tour is sure to grow your
appreciation and better
your understanding of
these incredible creatures.



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