A s t y p a l a I a
The butterfly of Aegean
Astypalea is a small island of the Dodecanese.  Usually
known us the butterfly of Aegean. Because of her sape
above . the Venetian Castle above Chora is something tha
you want see often .  there is not much sightseeing on the
island. This is a great place to enjoy long strolls at the town
and relaxingmoments at the beach. Astypalea has all kind
of beaches:
Astypalea beaches are mostly
unorganized and secluded,
offering the perfect setting for
those who seek privacy and want
to unwind away from the hustle
and the bustle. But there’s a lot
more to do here than lay on the

Nature surrounding your body
So take your swimwear of and
enjoy the hot sun to your body.
• Agios Konstantinos  • Livadi • Psili ammos • Mple
limanaki • Kaminakia • Vatses and Tzanakia are
some of the best.

Be careful when the wind comes up. Some of
them aren’t so accessible.
Experience the other side
of Greece


Instagram: @george_chrys

All photos are from my iPhone. The photos with the drone is from my pal @salwere

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