A walk through
Nestled into the side of
Mount Subasio in Italy’s
central region of Umbria,
Assisi is a very special place.
Umbria is affectionately called
Italy’s Green Heart, and is
famous for its medieval hill
towns, like Assisi.
Assisi is a UNESCO World
Heritage site.
St. Clare, St. Gabriel, and St. Francis,
who founded the Franciscan
religious order here in 1208.
Assisi is also the birthplace of
some very special people:
This is the basilica
built for and dedicated
to Saint Francis.
Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi
Many tourists and pilgrims
come here during the day,
usually just for a few hours.
At night this town is
peaceful and gorgeous.
During the day it is easy to avoid
the crowds by doing as the
Franciscans have been doing for
hundreds of years: communing
with the incredible nature
surrounding Assisi.
A nature trail leading from
the basilica through the
Bosco di San Francesco
(St. Francis Woods) was
restored and is managed by
the Italian environmental
organization, FAI.
Bosco di San Francesco
One of the stops on the trail is the
Benedictine complex of Santa Croce,
a former home to nuns.
Chiesa Santa Croce
Another stop on the trail.
Torre Santamaria

You’ll find a land art project
called “Terzo Paradiso” (Third
Heaven) by Michelangelo
Pistoletto with 121 olive trees
arranged in circles.
At the end of the day, you’ll
return to the streets of Assisi to
find them nearly all to yourself.
And sights like this become the norm.
The region of Umbria is
known for its simple,
delicious cuisine, so your
dinner is sure to be as
soul-nourishing as your
day’s adventures.
Trattoria Degli Umbri
Assisi has inspired some
very inspirational people.
I hope you’ll pay
Assisi a visit and find
your own inspiration.
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