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Angels Camp
1973: We name our little adventure
Sobek, after the ancient Egyptian
crocodile god, so descendants will look
kindly on our passages. Our first
expeditions are down the rivers of
Omo River
Hippos kill more river travelers in Africa
than crocs. So we almost name the
company after the Egyptian hippo god.
But Taweret Expeditions does not quite
ring as well as Sobek.
Our next expedition is to Alaska, to
make the first raft descent of the
Tatshenshini/Alsek and several other
grizzly rivers.
Alsek River
At the Explorers Club in
NY, Lowell Thomas says
we should go to New
Guinea next. So we do.
And BBC films our first
descent as a Great River

Watut River
Then down the map for the first descent
of South America's greatest rafting river:
the Bio-Bio. Sadly, it is now buried by
hydroelectric dams.
Bíobío River
Now over to Turkey to pioneer the
waterways of the fertile crescent: The
Euphrates and Coruh Rivers.
Indus River
Next up, the first descent of Pakistan's
Indus River, the glacial giant that
almost eats us.
First descent of the
zamazing Zambezi
Zambezi River
then to
Indonesia for
the first
descent of
the River of
the Red Ape
Alas River
1987. Sobek's successful first descent of
the Yangtze. At least a dozen died in
other attempts.
Chronicled in the book, Riding the
Dragon's Back
Stranded on a river in
spate, the expedition
became fodder for the
best-selling book,
Shooting the Boh
Central Kalimantan
1989. NBC orders a TV series based on
Sobek. First episode based in Peru. But
then they trade out for a less expensive
show called Seinfeld. Epic mistake?
Machu Picchu
I began my career as a teen guide on the
Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
So, when timing right, Sobek begins
operations down the Ditch.
Grand Canyon
with the fall
With the fall of the Berlin Wall, we
pack our rafts and head to
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other
former Soviet states
Aral Sea
1992. In wake of first Gulf War, Sobek
merges with trekking pioneer Mountain
Travel. The combined entity: MT Sobek.
by the
the world
Down the largest,
longest and last
free-flowing river in
First boats through the deepest canyon in Africa
in search of the Ark of the Covenant
Tekeze River
In 2012 the 3 founders of
Sobek raft the Zanskar in
Ladakh. Not long after George
Wendt succumbs to cancer.
Zanskar River
George Wendt, Richard Bangs,
John Yost on the Zanskar
And the adventure continues...
Without interruption, Sobek (now MT
Sobek) continues to explore our
wondrous world: www.mtsobek.com
Many thanks to the John B. Yost Sobek
T-Shirt Collection.

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