Around the neighbourhood
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Around the neighbourhood
It’s a time for reflection. A moment to pause and
contemplate the future of your being. Anxieties
from a few months ago seem almost trivial now.
Gratefulness is something I have been thinking
about lately and how you feel it the most when
something is taken away from you. This time has
given me a new perspective .
No longer will I feel like I’m not good at
something or incapable of achieving a goal.

I walk around the lake near my house and think
about how lucky I was to grow up here. I
remember the moments of my life when I came
here to clear my head and seek clarity. The
serenity of the lake had the ability to comfort me.

I encounter families walking and enjoying
themselves more these days.
Considering the situation we are all in it’s nice to
see that in the simplest things we can feel a sense
of unity and understanding. Even a step to the
side of the path to let someone pass through is
enough to warrant a smile and a ‘thank you’.
I have become more aware of the houses that
make up these streets. The trees, flowers and
geese that fly over head each evening  (although
it’s pretty hard not to be aware of them with the
noise they make). Things I had overlooked before
suddenly peak my curiosity and captivate me.

The sunsets have become more fascinating than
ever. Each night the pastel skies and soft clouds
perform and flutter away into the distance as
though they’re asking for my undivided

This neighbourhood hasn’t changed much, and
for that I’m glad. It’s a comforting place that has
been my home for so many years. Even though I
may prefer to seek wanderlust it has been
refreshing to take it slow and steady.

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