Anniversary Road Trip
carolina•south carolina
June 23, 2020

today is the beginning of
not only our
yessss already a YEAR of
marriage! but also our first
trip in a long time!

I am so so so excited! And it
feels so very good!

We headed out on our trek
to the east coast after Jon
got off of work and stopped
halfway in Louisville
instead of driving late into
the night.

We ended up finding this
cute farmhouse in
Louisville! We did get there
super late thanks to the
most amazing Chicago
traffic but it was this little
farmhouse on acres of land
with a cute deck and
garden and bar and allllll
the homey touches!

It was a great stopover!

And that's what they had it
for! It was basically a coach
house attached to the main
house, so rustic, so homey,
so peaceful!

Well since most of our day
was either at home or in
the car, not much to say but
tomorrow should be much
more exciting!

goodnight, y'all!
Louisville, Kentucky
June 24, 2020

Today it is time to head to Asheville!
Not only was I excited for the drive
because it was through the
Applachian and Smokey Mountains
but I was super excited for Asheville!

It was almost another 5 hours from
Louisville so after some cinnamon
toast, apple mango pouch and eggs
in our Louisville porch, we went
back on the road!

It was a pretty cool drive! Especially
when we got into Tennessee, omg
the bright green mountains...we
were in LOVE!

We finally made it into the Smokey's
through the mountains on some
ever so windey roads, turned down a
gravel road, forced our little Chevy
cruze up some muddy gravel hills to
a little trail that we parked at to
climb up to our treehouse!


Seriously though. It was a rustic,
creative, hand built treehouse with a
grill and a lift and outdoor shower
and composing toilet and so much
character! The peacefulness of the
mountain surroundings was
unbelievable and exactly what we
were looking for!

After settling, we chatted with Jen,
the owner who was at her parents
house which is below the treehouse
down the dirt gravel road and her
house is down below that! She and
her husband apparently moved here
from the PNW and they BUILT the
treehouse as a "serene getaway"!

We then headed to Asheville! and
actually...very underwhelming. I
mean it was cool and maybe because
it was Wednesday at 7pm, but we
pictures more breweries and burger
places...kinda like the PNW.

I mean I liked it, but was not what I
pictured! we did settle for some
yummy pizza and a beer called the
horny goat and another called the
hillman...both pretty tasty!

On our drive back to our treehouse,
we tired to go toward a national
forest and ended up driving for a
few hours in the mountainside
which was kinda scary and yes
pretty, especially with the two
waterfalls but very covered.

So many hammockers and campers
pulled off and climbed down to
flattened areas but other than that,
basically windey road covered with
trees.  through the trees though you
could see the beautiful sunset and
blue mountains which is our plan
for tomorrow...get some good hiking
in and pictures without trees in the

Once we got back, I showered in the
outdoor shower with my
biodegradable soap in the black
vastness if the great outdoors! We
finished off the night with some
checkers and cards and a kiss

Peace out, y'all!
see ya tomorrow!
breakfast views from our Louisville
farmhouse porch
pretty cool kitchen!
ideas for our future house!?
home sweet home
June 25, 2020

hike the Blue Ridge

after a great night,
outdoorsy, refreshing,
peaceful sleep, we made
some eggs then headed out
to hike!

Well, kinda.  Ok, sou one
thing I don't
just gooooo to the Blue
Ridge Parkway and's many hikes....with
no markings really.
Another thing we realized,
when you askkkkk where to
hike, like ya know a starting
point of some sort, every
one just says yeah like it's
amazing, like so rad but
doesn't actually giveeeeee
any direction.  So after
some beautiful and minor
frustration, we found some
trails and it was great!

Strenuous but not too
strenuous, scenic but
wooded, long but not too
long...views, though, still
looking for that perfect
mountain overlook and not
one from the road but
hidden back in a trail.

After hiking up and down
and trails to trail and on the
road and through some
tunnels, we made our way
back to the car then back to
the treehouse to hike the
trailss there (sooooooo
buggy!) bleh. But then back
to that amazingly peaceful
outdoor shower and
cleaned up to head to
downtown Asheville again
from burgers and brews
and night time walks!

We ate at Wicked Weeds.
the food wasn't great but
the atmosphere and brews
were!  After that followed
by a cookie ice cream
sandwich, we wandered
and listened to street music
and saw the sunset in the
distance before heading
back for the night.

And oh boy was it black
out! It was so dark and so
windy and so mountany...I
loved it!

Once back we did a quick
workout then headed to

Hopefully some more
amazing hiking and views
and brews tomorrow!

treehouse views
Wicked Weed:  Asheville, NC
June 26, 2020

Today was soooo much
better than yesterday.  ok,
well not really "better" but
we finally got the hang of
how things work here and
so much more hiking in!

We actually somehow woke
up a whole hour earlier and
after some eggs and
cinnamon roll toast, we set
out to hike part of the
Applachian Trail!

I reallyyyyyy
reallyyyytyyyyyyy wanted
to hike part of the trail and
found a trail head only
about 20-25minutes away
from the treehouse!

We packed up our
sandwiches and our snacks
and water and laced up our
boots and headed to hike!

We get there and it was a
typical NC Applachian Trail pulled over on
the side of the road.  But
this time we knew not to
expect a trail start marker
but a tree or stick with a
painted marking.

And sure enough, there was
one!  We hiked through the
mountains for a few hours
and then all of the sudden
it came to this clearing of a
beautiful opening from the
"woods" and all you could
see for miles was rolling
mountain tops!  It was
beautiful! Oh and was a
recently used camp spot
which is sooo cool...I
definitely want to hike
more of the trail and
disperce camp at some
point in my life!

We headed back down, had
some food, I wandered a bit
ok well I can't help it! I saw
anotherrrrr stick in the
other direction and needed
to see where it went! We
decided to go try another
tail point though after my
solo mini adventure of like
3 minutes.

We found a cool trail on the
map that was along the
applachian trail but not
directly, more a side step
off of it.  We drive about
another hours through the
mountains and farms and
windey roads and came up
to this farm land and
hidden back off a direct
gravel road was another
trail head!

We pulled into a spot to
park and headed up the
mountain again! This trail
was so different than the
others!  Super rocky, steep
but also some flat spots, a
rambling creek followed us
along our walk with mini
waterfalls and rapuds.  We
finally got to the end about
an hour later and it finished
at this amazing, strong,
pearly whites waterfall!

It was so pretty! Despite
that back in here was
extremely muggy but pro:.
not quiteee as buggy, it was
so worth the trek.  We took
our shoes off and went for
an calf deep dip which
cooled us off for about 10
seconds haha but  the water
was so clear and refreshing,
it was exactly what we

We trekked back down and
decided to head back home
for cleaning up (so much
bug spray and sunscreen
and sweat!) and head to
Mars Hill for dinner.

On our drive back, we
found the tiny town, and
when I say tiny, I mean
tiniest town I have ever was maybe!? 5
Juneks long!

We stopped, got a beer tg
the one bar which was
actually a brewery, met the
town bartender  then
walked around for 6
minutes to see everything
then finished our drive
back home.

That night, like I
mentioned, we went to
Mars Hill for dinner at a
place called Stackhouse,
recommended by Jen, the
treehouse owner.  Only to
find out Mars Hill, another
tiny town, was a University!
They even had D2 and

The place was so yummy
and the needs were
refreshing!  We walked
around after dinner, came
across another bar that was
actually an old theater that
they turned into a brewery!

Such a cool toen,!

Back home we go, I
reallyyyyyy wanted to see
the sunset which we kinda
did but it was so cloudy it
wasn't the best.

Finished off the night with
UNO and prayers and a kiss

see y'all tomorrow!
Applachian Trail, North Carolina
the Applachian Trail, North Carolina
hiking up to
Margarette Falls
Applachian Adventures
Margarette Falls, Tennessee
smallest town we have ever seen
Marshall, North Carolina
June 27, 2020

Asheville --> Charleston

Woke up to the sound of
rain pouring down on the
treehouse!  It was a
beautiful sound! The sound
of the trees and leaves
taking in the giant droplets,
branches wacking the roof
and sides of the treehouse,
the sounds of pure
mountain nature!  It sounds
like it would be loud and
annoying but we really
couldn't have asked for a
more perfect wake up!

We cleaned up a bit, made
pancakes for breakfast,
pork sandwiches for lunch,
did a workout then headed

Sad day, time to leave the
treehouse ☹️ but we were
super excited for our
southern charm b&b!

But oh boy was it a drive.  It
was only supposed to be
3:50 but many accidents, so
much traffic, it ended up
being and extra 50

But. when you're greeted
with ice cold sweet tea and
a slice of red velvet by your
b&b hosts, it made all that
annoyemce go away!

Our place was so cute!
Lovely front porch, cute
couple running the place,
great amenities, great

We set out to explore the
city, walked King Street
(basically the Michigan Ave
of Charleston), tried out a
rooftop bar (bachelorette
partys galore and creep guy
alert!), then found this little
yellow house called
Poogans Porch which had
an amazing dinner for us!  I
had the mahi mahi, Jon had
the shrimp and grits, and
omg was it amazing! And I
am so glad I trusted my gut
because normally I hate

After dinner we got gelato
and walked along one of
the piers overlooking the
black distant ocean waters.
On our long walk home to
just explore more we got
hot by a surprise tropical
storm of 3.5 minutes then
got ready for bed!

Good night y'all!
beach day tomorrow!
oceanfront walks
mahi mahi and shrimp n' grits! First
time I actually really liked seafood!
June 26, 2020

Beach dayyyyyyyy!

8:30am wake up, 9am
frittata with fresh fruit and
coffee and a blueberry
muffin then to the beach we

We went to Sullivan's Island
which is a beach town
about 17 minutes north of
downtown Charleston! So
was a bit surprised how
little rentals and bathing
suit shops they was
a great little town but I feel
like usually beach town
have soooo many touristy
shops and rent this buy this

We parked about a block in
from the water in front of
these amazing beach
homes that I may as well
just call mansions! They
were huge with massive
wrap around screened
porches and some even
with pools!

We walked the boardwalk
to the water, layed our our
stuff and ran into the warm,
salty water!

We swam allllllll morning
(well and walked the
shoreline foo) but had so
much fun playing in the
waves and body surfing and
I pulling each other under!

We even got to see a ton of
dolphins jumping literally
Although one did
unexpectedly rub against
my leg which totally
freaked me out and made
Jon leave the water buttttttr
only because I didn't see it
coming, the water isn't
super clear and blue!

We kept swimming and
walked to dry off before
going to lunch right in
town at a Mexican place!
After some
margarita-sangria and tacos
or in Jon case a Marg and
quesadillas, we went back to
the water!

Seriously loveeee the water!

We swam and played till
about 4, walked the other
end of the shoreline then
headed out for a beer in
town for a sun break and
some dinner!

After dinner, put some
Benadryl on it itchy
mosquito bites, cooled off
in the car (seriously it is
either hotttttttt or just
hottttt here) then got ice
cream before heading to
Post 12 for a sunset from
the rocks!

Which was sooooo
amazing!  It was so relaxing
to just sit on the rocks
together with the warm,
salty breeze blowing lightly
as we watched the sun dip
into the ocean!

We went back bome,
showered off the layers of
salt and sunscreen then
walked around downtown
Charleston.  We ended up
finding this townie country
bar with live music!

It was a perfect end to an
amazing day!

sangria margarita cheersin a margarita
on Sullivan island!
Live country band at Henry's in
*random finds*
June 29, 2020

Happy Anniversary to us!
It has been an amazing
year!  Being married is like
having a chosen built in
best friend and it feels
amazing to be loved that

We started our day, sadly
our last in Charleston like
the others...yummy
breakfast at our b&b!

After we ate the
scrumptious food, we
headed to Folly beach (the
surfers beach and that was
exactly what it was.  Very
verryyyyy touristy!  Surfers
shops and hotels and
people everywhere!  But. it
was fun to jump back in the
water and dive into the
waves which were sooooo
much bigger than
yesterday!  We know why it
is called surfers beach!

It was amazing!  Just to play
around like kids in the
ocean, flirting and feeling
carefree, like nothing in the
world, in that moment,
could touch us, no worries,
just the feeling of pure joy!

We walked the shoreline
and then the town, found a
lunch spot (which was
terrible) so Jon got a drink
then we found another and
much better lunch spot!
The food was great, my key
lime coolada was fantastic
but it was Soo filling I felt as
if is never be hungry again

We headed back, cleaned
up, dressed up and headed
to Rainbow Row.  Yeah ok it
is an Instagram spot (jon's
favorite 😀) but it was
pretty!  All the colors of the
houses all in a row with the
glimpse of the ocean as the

We went to a nice dinner
from there at High Cotton
and unfortunately my
stomach was still soooo full
I only got their watermelon
something salad but it was
so good!  Add in the
surprise anniversary
dessert and most refreshing
sparkling water and it was
nothing but perfect!

They even have us a
beautifully decorated
anniversary dessert!
Strawberry something
deliciousness!  My stomach
said no but my mouth said

We walked on for about a
mile from the restaurant
for our sailing sunset
dolphin adventure!  And we
got all that!  Fun couples,
yummy BYOB drinks, so
many dolphins, warm salty
air and one amazing sunset!

Our anniversary was
perfect in our kinda say!
Simple yet adventurous
with a touch of fancy!

I couldn't have asked for a
better way to celebrate the
marriage to my favorite

Tomorrow is our 14 hour
drive back to reality but it
was too perfect of a trip to
even care that it was

Good night y'all, till next

Anniversary dessert @High
Charleston, SC
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