Dive Trip August’20 • Part 3
Amed (Eastern Bali) isn’t a
massive tourist hot spot of Bali.
But this is what I love. It’s famous
The last day of our diving trip,
22 August 2020. We had only 6
hours to explore Amed before
It’s not too deep, around 10-20
meters with a flat bottom. You can
snorkel here if you want until max
One of Amed’s popular dive spot is.

It’s starting form on
a sandy bottom full of garden eels and
blue spotted stingrays you will see the first
pyramid as you go a bit deeper.
Pyramid of Amed. This site is
composed of a natural coral reef
enhanced by artificial pyramids
, ,
Do you know that sometimes it’s
hard TO SAY NO under the water
Sometimes knowing that the cute
one is dangerous 😩.
Sometimes we are lucky to meet
the unique beautiful Lionfish 🥰
Sometimes we find new sea
creature that is needed to be
explore in Google 😁
Do you what is this? Treeworm?
Sometimes meet the familiar sea
creatures, Patric the Spongebob’s
best friend 😍
Or amaze to see the tiny bright
colors among the sands 🥰
And........sometimes we must to go back
to the surface to end the dive.
to Patric, Lionfish, Stingray
and promise that
we will come back to Amed.
To say goodbye
Thanks for reading.
See you on my next stories.
Terima kasih.

Psychologist who loves a meaningful life. Special for quotes I posted in @quotes_by_jw.

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