Creole Nature Trail
All-American Road
Sabine Wetland Walkway
Trail was a bit over grown, but this
wetland walkway still delivered the
goods 🐊
They camouflage so well!!
They’re so tiny and...cute?
Keith and I split up to try and get a
cool shot tap to see it 👉
... how’d we do?
Here’s a little look at some of the
gear we have with us, we were in
a different city every night on this
On to the board walk! Watch the
The flattened grasses are from
alligators moving around!
Enjoyed our stroll through the
wetlands, my first time seeing
Alligators in the wild!

Self-proclaimed professional traveler & generally agreed upon professional creative fueled by sarcasm, airline miles and a passion for #adventure. Find my video work on YouTube!

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